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Your landing page headline can be the first impression people have of you. Your headlines can either be a gateway to gaining new customers or a gatekeeper turning them away. In fact, 80% of readers never make it past the headline and that can deeply affected your landing page conversion rates. So, the better your landing page headline, the better your conversion and click-through rates. But the best headlines aren't click bait or misleading; they're easier to write than you think. In this article, I'll be showing you ten-point plan for better landing page headlines. 10 Point Plan for Better Landing Page Headlines:

1. Give Them a Reason

You need to answer why people should care about you. Try not to do this in the headline of the page (although you can try doing it in the subheadline, read on to learn more about subheads). Instead, try to include the reason for their interest in the page itself, not just in the headline.

2. Tell Them What's in It for Them

People read because they want to know more about something that has a chance to improve their lives in some way. Be clear on how it will benefit them.

3. Show Your Authority

By the time a potential customer has read to the bottom of the page they will know that you're the only expert in your field, or at least the only one who is willing to put their name on the page. What they'll find in the next paragraph is some support, some hard facts and evidence that you have experience. You may also want to feature testimonials, statistics or anything else that helps solidify your authority on the subject matter.

4. Add Trusting Subheads

When readers get to the bottom of the page they should be very clear about what you are offering and how it will benefit them. As I mentioned above, try not to explain this in the headline. Instead, if you want to include a brief explanation, place it beneath the headline as a subhead. You might also try highlighting a benefit of your service or product in the subhead.

5. Make Them Feel Something

Your landing page headline should feel. Readers should feel happy, excited, sad, concerned or something else. By provoking a negative feeling like disgust or anger, you might capture their interest. Think about the negative emotion that your landing page is trying to arouse. The right negative emotion can result in a lot of clicks. If you want them to act or buy, the better you can make them feel, the better the response.

6. Embrace the Call to Action

Once you've made readers feel a strong enough emotion they're ready to do something about it. Ask them to do something, such as contact you, schedule an appointment, fill out a form, click, etc. Tell them to take action and what to do. It's time to take action.

7. Avoid Extra, Extra, Extra. Extra Words

Keep your landing page brief. Most readers will scan your page, not read it in detail. Your headline and subheads must compel them to take action, either by clicking or entering the page. Avoid using extra words like the following: the very, super, extremely, so, many, best, most, fast, quick, easy, fast. Use less words to say more.

8. Tell Them What's in It for You

Your landing page should speak directly to the reader. Convince the reader to spend their time on your site, not on another. Tell them why they will benefit from your offer. Don't focus on you, focus on them. Your reader should always know why you are doing what you are doing.

9. Be Positive

Although negative attention works better, try to keep your page positive. Even though people have negative associations with your product or service, they can't hold onto that negative feeling if they feel positive about your product or service. Remember your buyer persona. A positive description of your product or service will help you reach a bigger audience.

10. Leave Them Wanting More

Your readers have read your landing page headline, subheadline, description, benefits, etc. They're interested in what you're offering and they're ready to buy. Now it's time to send them to the next step, like your CTA or thank you page. If you leave a little room to wonder, you might just hold onto them just a bit longer. Keep them intrigued so they'll keep coming back to read more.

Landing Page Headlines:

Now that you've got all the information that you need to create a better landing page headline, I'll show you examples of great headlines that you can use as inspiration to design your own.

Example 1:

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Example 6:

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