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Have you ever wondered why a headline works and one very similar, even if it is the same words, doesn’t? If so, you have come to the right place.

Great copy writers know that headlines have a specific job to do, just like your product and its packaging. The best copywriters use different types of headlines to connect to their audience’s wants, needs and desires. If you want to make your headlines super-effective, you have to use a different headline writing strategy for each of the following types of headlines:Informational, benefit driven, scarcity, and curiosity.

In this article, you’re going to learn how to write your headlines so they reach your audience, exactly where they are, and move them to act.

Headlines are the first things readers see. We have a 2 second rule here at Headlime. If they don’t see something relevant to them within that time period, they will move on. This is not only true for web page readers. If someone doesn’t like the headline of a post, they probably won’t like the post and won’t share it with their friends, they will pass it by.

A great headline can help you attract more attention. So, let’s talk about great headlines and writing the types of headlines that will get your message read. The 5 Types of Headlines


Informational headlines present relevant, specific, useful and unique information to the reader. These types of headlines attract readers who have a specific problem they are trying to solve.

The headline needs to describe the unique aspects of what the reader will find in the article or at the link to another website. These types of headlines would include things like: The 7 Secrets to Retiring Debt Free! or: Get 100 Extra Followers On Twitter Each Month Or Get a 50% Discount On Your Next Purchase!

If you’re creating headlines for an ebook or PDF download, there’s a twist. If someone buys an ebook they are actually searching for information. Make sure you understand exactly what the reader is searching for so you can write the headline to give them exactly what they need.

For example, if someone is looking for a free form filling program, don’t tell them they will learn how to write headlines. Headlines are actually good ways to sum up your book or report. Why don’t you write a headline that connects with the exact word they are searching for, instead of making them click through to find what they’re looking for?

It’s a simple twist that will increase your chances of conversions on your next ebook. That’s how to make your headlines super effective. The headline is the only thing the reader will see before they buy. Don’t let them move on without finding what they’re looking for.

There are many variations on this type of headline. You can create some by using names of people in the headline (The Top 3 Ways to Retire Rich), by describing what the reader will find (Steps to Increase Your Twitter Followers), by writing what your offer does (The Quickest Way to Get Rid of Debt). This is how to write your headlines super effective.

Don’t just write headlines that read good. Write headlines that describe exactly what your reader is looking for.

Benefit Driven

Benefit driven headlines are created to highlight and make the most important benefit of the information, product or service you are writing about. Most people have a problem they want to solve, but not everyone is searching for a solution. They are searching for a benefit that solves their problem.

If you are writing for a popular topic, many people may already know how to solve their problem. For example, people who know how to use Google, may not be searching for anything at all. They don’t want to be told what to do; they want to know how to get something done.

People want to know how to solve their problems. It’s human nature. So, you need to help them. You have to be a problem solver. These types of headlines highlight the benefits of a product or service. Examples include: The Secret to Retiring Wealthy: 5 Ways to Increase Your Income! Or Get More Traffic Now! Or How to Reduce Your Tax Bill Today! It sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

But, when you look at these types of headlines, you may see that they are just a way of writing an informational headline. The main difference between an informational headline and a benefit driven headline is that a benefit driven headline is more specific. It describes the solution a customer will receive from reading or buying the product. With benefit driven headlines, the reader already knows that a product or service exists.

Now, they want to know what’s in it for them. Headlines like this are written from the perspective of the reader, not the company. These types of headlines connect to the people who need to have a problem solved. That’s how to make your headlines super effective. It’s your job as the writer to make sure they understand your benefit and know what you can do for them. While writing a headline, remember that readers will search for keywords related to their problems.

In many cases, they already know the solutions to their problem and are just looking for a specific way to find the solution. Write a benefit driven headline that talks about the exact benefit your reader needs to solve their problem. These types of headlines are popular because they get results and drive more traffic than informational headlines. You need to find the problems your audience has and make the most important benefit of your product or service stand out in your headline.

Now you can use your results to write a headline that gets your results every time. Use your headline to show your potential customers exactly what they get when they click through to your page or product.


It’s hard to miss a headline with the word, “Last Chance” or “Sale” or “Ends Soon” or some variation of the concept of a limited time offer. These types of headlines work because people like to take action and people like to get a deal. These headlines focus on getting people to take action and get results. They tell your reader that there is a deal or something to buy before they will never get another chance again. Scarcity creates urgency and that drives action.

Examples include: 10 FREE Gifts! This week only! Or Last Chance to Get 100 Followers on Twitter Now! These types of headlines are more effective when they focus on a time-sensitive deal. The offer is only good until a specific time. The deal is only good until the offer runs out.

The results are only good for a specific time period. You have to make sure your reader knows the time limit in your headline. These types of headlines are all about urgency. You have to create urgency in your reader. You have to get them to act now. You have to give them a sense that they can’t put it off or they will miss their chance. In this type of headline, the goal is to get your reader to take action and claim their offer.

The key to using this type of headline is knowing how to use it to get a reader to act. It’s not enough to just tell them that the offer will end soon. Your goal is to create the feeling of urgency that will motivate them to act right away. The best way to do this is by giving your reader a limited time opportunity to claim their prize. They know that if they don’t act now, they will lose out on the opportunity. That’s how to make your headlines super effective. People know that an opportunity can’t last forever, so if you can make them feel a sense of urgency, they will act right away.


Curiosity is what makes us open our mail and read the information that is sent to us. It’s what makes us watch a 30 second television ad. It’s what makes us read a book that we know nothing about. We get curious about things that have to do with us and that we want to know more about. When we are curious about something we search for more information.

Curiosity headlines work by making you feel like there is information about you in the headline. You can use this to get your reader to click to your article. You need to write headlines that ask questions. Curiosity is a psychological trigger that drives us to read on. If you want your headline to work, you need to create the question that will cause a person to want to click on your headline. You can also write a question that you know someone would want to answer. Your reader might think: “How does she know that?”

Using questions to grab the attention of the reader isn’t new, in fact many of us do it. Why is it effective? Because questions build curiosity, which makes us curious enough to click on your headline. Make sure the question isn’t: “What is the best title for my ad?” or “What is the best way to write a sales letter?” These questions are too vague and people won’t be interested. Instead, you need to ask a question that your audience would really want to answer. Maybe, “Do Facebook Ads really work?” or, “How can I make more sales by improving my email copy?” Curiosity headlines grab your readers attention by making them feel curious. When you use curiosity to your advantage, you will become more effective and increase your open rate.

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